Project Report Preparation and Appraisal

Project appraisal is an important activity to evaluate the key factor of the project to check the viability of a project proposal. We can use various Appraisal methods and tools to accept or reject the project. For example, economic or financial appraisal analysis, Excel Templates and other decision techniques.

Project Appraisal Objectives

Here are the Key objectives of the Appraisal Process of a Project

  • Assessment of a project in terms of its economic, social and financial viability
  • Decide to Accept or reject a Project
  • It is a tool to check the viability of a Project Proposal

Importance of project appraisal

Appraisal process of a Project is a very important activity to perform before accepting a Project. And this will help you to check if you can complete the project. So that you can accept and reject the Project Proposal.