Real Estate Advisory

A real estate advisor’s / valuer primary job is to evaluate real estate, short and long-term goals, and provide options for the highest and best use of any given property.

A real estate advisor / valuer should have an extensive background in real estate with experience and resources that extend far beyond the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Portfolio analysis and Due Diligence

Portfolio analysis and segmentation from a commercial, strategic, financial or real estate point of view

Due diligence :- land and financial

Valuation :- Used for massive valuations (desktop, drive by, statistical).

Project viability analysis, product definition and commercial analysis

  • Conduct of Market Studies on any type of asset
  • Establishment of strategies and formulas for divestment of assets owned by funds and financial institutions
  • Preparation of financial projections

Strategic Advisory and creation of Real Estate Business Plans

  • Business SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of operational and financial implications
  • Development of the Action Plan and Financial Projections for the repositioning of the business in the mid term

Asset Management and Optimization

  • Highest and best use
  • Proposals for space optimization measures
  • Analysis and optimizations of property-related costs